Bed Types? Storage Bed? Frame bed? Gas Lift Bed? What is what…

Bed Types? Storage Bed? Frame bed? Gas Lift Bed? What is what…

Frame bed, divan base, storage bed, gas lift bed, ottoman bed, divan bed with draws, with headboard, with footboard, what type of bed is best for your bedroom and your lifestyle? Terminology gets thrown around, so just what does this all mean, what is what? What bed options give the best storage? What are the choices and how to best make them?

The average person spends a third of their lives sleeping – that’s around 200,000 hours in bed. If you want to sleep well and feel ready and raring to go when you wake up, you’ll want to get the best possible bed for you.


Divan Beds

Divan beds are upholstered boxes, either on feet or coasters.  Your mattress sits on top of the divan bases.  As a single bed they are one box, and larger than a single bed they come in 2 boxes to allow transportation and delivery to the bedroom.  In their most basic form a divan bed offers no storage but are available in a wide range of configuration options.

Our divan beds can be upholstered in your choice of fabric and colour.  They can come with or without headboards and footboards.

Divan Bed without storage

As above, upholstered bases for the mattress to sit on top of, no storage, i.e. no access inside those boxes.

Divan Bed Base with draws

A divan base bed with draws are upholstered base boxes, but, this time with the option of draw(s).  You can determine if it should be 1, 2, 3, 4 draws.  Draws in the side or draws in the end, 2 draws in each side or 1 draw.  The most common configuration are 1 draw at each side towards the bottom end of the bed so as not to bang into bed side tables.  They offer good storage, but, not as much as an ottoman bed.

Divan Bed Base with Gas Lift (Ottoman bed)

A divan base bed with gas assisted lifting tops is the most versatile divan options.  These offer full storage, the size of the bed, and around 35cm deep.  A complete wooden box on the inside so items are not on the floor.  1 box for a single, 2 boxes for all other sizes, both boxes fully accessible.

The tops can lift from the bottom or from the side (either side), so depending on your room size and access you can determine the best option for gaining access to your storage.

End lifts are generally what we recommend, as a side lift has the habit of rolling your cushions on the floor, and end lift storage bed doesn’t.

Again, you can chose the colour and fabric the divan bed base is upholstered in, you can chose from a huge range of headboards, you can opt to have or not have the footboard, it’s all personal choice and we cater to our customers customised needs.

Frame Bed

Frame Bed without storage

A frame bed is a bed that is hollow under, it has a headboard and sides and either a foot side or a full footboard. Headboards come in various styles and height options, and the side rails attach to the headboard. With a basic frame bed there is no real easy access to the underside of the bed for any form of storage.  Frame beds are great for getting into property with tight staircases where a big bulky divan base would maybe struggle to get up and in.

Frame beds can come with our without a footboard, which largely comes down to personal taste, some people like the raised footboard look, others like their bedding and duvet covers to drape over the end of the bed. We can cater for any client demands in our custom made beds, so, just let us know if you want a footboard or not on your frame bed.

Frame Bed with storage

A frame bed with storage is also called a gas lift frame bed.  The base of the bed that is attached to the upholstered side rails is on gas struts, so, can easily be opened from the end of the bed to allow access for storage under.  They offer a decent amount of storage, but, it is not quite as deep as a divan base bed with ottoman lifting tops, and, with a divan bed base the storage is formed in solid wood as in an “ottoman”, with a gas lift frame bed your items are under the bed and accessible but on the floor under the bed.


What bed to go for?

It all comes down to budget, access to get the bed in and personal choice.  With all our beds we offer a huge range of options:

  • Wide range of fabric options
  • Wide range of colours
  • Frame bed, gas lift frame bed, divan base, divan base with draws, divan ottoman bed
  • With or without footboard
  • End lift/side lift divan base
  • Wide range of headboard styles
  • Various heights of headboards
  • All bed size options available

So, as you can imagine there are thousands of combinations available, so it is impossible to have everything listed in our online bed store or in stock at our bed warehouse in Mijas, we do carry a large stock list of the most common options, and, for customised bed orders we generally get them delivered and installed to our clients in 10-14 days.

To discuss your bed requirements just get in contact with us, we are always available to help, have many beds on display, swatch samples to chose from and can have your bed with you same day if in stock or within 14 days if not.

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