Choosing British Bed Linen in Spain

Choosing British Bed Linen in Spain

Spain is a warm country, most of the year, a very warm country, so what I hear you say!  Bed linen can play a very important part of getting a great nights sleep, chose the wrong bed linen and it will be like sleeping in a bin liner, hot, sweaty and generally unpleasant.

We stock a wide range of bedding, cotton flat sheets, cotton fitted sheets, duvets, throws, runners, in styles and colours to give everyone their dream bedroom.

A good rule of thumb when choosing bedding is the higher the thread count, often just termed “TC” the better, this is the weight of cotton in the bed linen.  We also recommend that your fitted sheets, flat sheets and your cushion covers are 100% cotton and ideally a good weight, 300-500 thread count, even if your duvets and decorative bedding are a mix (most duvet sets that are a bit glam are a cotton/poly mix).

Cotton stops you sweating as much as you might in polyester cheaper sheets, this is why we stock 500 thread count 100% cotton fitted sheets, flat sheets and cushion covers in our bed linen range, in a variety of colours and all bedding sizes.

You can then have your fancier duvet sets, cushions, shams, cushion covers, bolsters, throws and runners to jazz this up, but laying between cotton sheets really does afford a good nights sleep and gives you that quality feeling.

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