Measuring For a New Upholstered Bed

Measuring For a New Upholstered Bed

Our quick guide on measuring up for a new upholstered bed, taking into account the extra width of our bed frames and looking at placement in the room in relation to things like light sockets and windows.

British Bed Sizes

Most countries in Europe have slightly different bed sizes, the UK is no exception, British bed sizes are not quite the same as those say from Spain or from Sweden (Ikea).

Bed sizes are quoted by the MATTRESS size, not the overall size of the bed.

Our British Bed sizes are:

Single Bed:  90cm wide by 190cm long

Double Bed: 135cm wide by 200cm long

King Bed: 150cm wide by 200cm long

Super King Bed: 180c by 200cm long

Measuring For You New Upholstered Bed

The above bed measurements are actually the size of mattress the bed will take.

Upholstered beds are slightly larger than a normal bed that the mattress sits ‘on’ because with an upholstered bed the mattress sits ‘in’ as our bed frames are complete with headboard, footboard and sides.

A general rule of thumb is to add 8cm to each side, so for example a super king bed will require 196cm width (for a 180cm mattress) and 220cm length.

Some of our beds are even larger, for example our “winged” upholstered bed require 256cm in super king size!  A sleigh style bed usually requiresmore length, around 250cm due to the depth of the headboard and footboard.

On all our beds on this site we always list the size space you require, so it is important to read the details to make sure you have space.  Thankfully here in Spain bedroom sizes on the whole are more generous than in the UK.

It is your responsibility when ordering a bed to ensure you have the space for the bed, and, access to get the bed into the room, headboards don’t bend around staircases.

Bed Position

One last comment to think about when ordering your upholstered bed is position in the room.

Most rooms are pre-determined in terms of where other items are positioned, such as doors, wardrobes, windows and electrical points.

Just measure and ensure you have room to walk around the bed.

Also, if your room has switches next to the bed for the lighting measure the gap between to see if your bed will fit in (although the switch position can generally be altered by a competent builder in a short space of time).

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